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Learn. Grow. Live. 


A fresh approach to coaching and support…

Insight Enrichment Group provides a humanistic and individualized approach to community-based, practical mental health coaching and personal support. Our mission is to serve those who feel unable to manifest the greatest well-being in their lives due to a variety of obstacles, including psychological, cognitive, and other mental health concerns.


Define your own meaning

We won’t tell you who to become, but we will help you develop your own sense of style, autonomy, and purpose. At IEG we believe that when it comes to your life and your mental health, there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment. That’s why we offer individualized, person-centered coaching that integrates your identity into a unique treatment plan. Whether it’s a creative interest, education, meditation practice, career aspiration, socialization, or an outdoor activity; we’re there with you every step of the way, helping you to discover your interests and passion.


Find Community

A sense of belonging can be crucial to our mental health. But finding people who share similar interests and values can be daunting, especially for those suffering from mental health challenges. We help you find community through regular sessions that over time build trust, routine, and friendship, while also helping you to find opportunities within your niche.


Build skills, set goals

IEG’s mission is rooted in education. At your pace, we encourage you to identify skills you want to learn and help you make them happen. Together we’ll set goals and outline how to tackle them, focusing on what’s important to you and giving you opportunities to practice these new skills in real-life settings.


Start where you are now

IEG operates a bit differently - we meet you where you are today instead of latching onto what you need to change. We believe that sustainable change and self-improvement is possible only after we are systemically shown acceptance and understanding.

I have worked with Adam Sholder and the Team at Insight Enrichment Group for over fifteen years. In that time their services have been immensely helpful in the rehabilitation of my patients. Adam and his associates at IEG are uniquely adept in building professional, trusting, and caring relationships with my patients, allowing for true progress to be achieved. From basic life coaching to intensive psychosocial case management, I can highly recommend Insight Enrichment Group as an important component for successful psychiatric rehabilitation.
— Dr. Brett D. Shurman, M.D.
Since Adam Sholder and his team at IEG started working with my brother, who has suffered from schizophrenia for four decades, his life has improved on every qualitative dimension. First, Adam administered a needs assessment; then he set out to meet them. One by one, he has assisted my brother with: registration for public assistance, transportation, medical appointments, obtaining eyeglasses and prescription medication, and, most importantly, a renewed interest in life with social activities he can manage. IEG’s involvement has made all the difference in helping us move from an intolerable situation to one that is life affirming.
— Phyllis Vine, author of "Families in Pain"